Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Let's Keep Talking About It!

Let's Keep Talking About it!

We applaud women who are speaking up about the sexual abuse they have experienced and share their urgency as we get this anthology produced. Many, many women (Mostly) are silent about the sexual violence they have experienced. But, some poets have spoken up and are joining voices in this anthology to help continue the discussion, to share their feelings and their journey of healing. 

We have received many amazing poems from very courageous poets. The manuscript is going to the publisher in a couple weeks and we are so excited for this project to be moving forward. 

Our goal is to give away many/most of the books. But, we still need more funding in order to put this book in the hands of folks who may not be able to pay for it and to provide a free anthology. Our planned release is Spring of 2019.

Can you help by giving us a big or small donation? Really, anything moves us closer to our goal. We have had a number of friends and relatives donate. Now it's your turn. Please help us make this dream a reality.

Follow this movement on this website at
If you want to donate to this cause and help us put the anthology in the hands of folks for free, please click on this link:

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