Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Here's how to submit to a New Poetry Anthology

Don’t Talk About It

We are all part of the “don’t talk
about it” conspiracy.
We don’t speak.
We pretend it didn’t happen.
Those events could not
have occurred.
Polite society does NOT speak
of dysfunction
happenings of certain
members in our midst.
DO we care past our own safety? Past
yesterday? Past the past?
DO we believe in the value
of truth?
The truth past our own small existence?
The Lion lays with the lamb
and the lamb,
the lamb   . . . . . . .  trembles.
                  by A. Gagliardi

A Poetry Anthology.  A contest. A Chance to speak of your abuse, your pain, your recovery, your healing, and your moving on.

 Let’s Talk About it!
This poetry contest and anthology project is for poets who have experienced sexual violence in some way. What have you got to say? Do you choose to remember? Can you ever forget?
We are creating a compilation of voices from those who were there – those who were the victims of sexual atrocities from mild to unimaginable. This project seeks to give you a place to air your grievance, your pain, your healing.
Our Fiscal Sponsor is the League of Minnesota Poets (LOMP)
Laura Lanik and Annette Gagliardi - Are project managers.
Accepted poems will be included in the anthology titled: Let’s Talk About It! Voices from Victims of Sexual Violence

We prefer poems that will fit on one to two pages
Send up to three poems.
There is a $15 fee for submitting.
A copy of the anthology will be sent to every poet entering. (That's our plan, anyway.)

Please submit poems at submittable:

Follow this movement on the website at
If you want to donate to this cause and help us put the anthology in the hands of folks for free, please click on this link: